Starting Out

africa map

A cold day, sometime back in May and and a plan was born. A trip to Africa on a bicycle, discussed around a coffee and a vague notion. Now it’s September and the plan has got wheels…, and riders, maps, luggage and hooters. Most importantly though, the plan has got a date – 15th October 2013. This is the day we leave on the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander, where we join the Camino del Norte and then the Via de la Plata to Seville, before boarding a ferry on the Spanish coast to Morocco and heading south, deeper into Africa. We aim to pedal at least 3000 miles, and will probably eat a lot of food, drink a lot of water and swallow a lot of sand.

Fancy coming along, while sitting safely in your armchair? Why not, eh? It’s a free ride and it might be a laugh. Hit the button on the home page that says ‘Click Here‘ and you can sign up to get free email updates every time we add to the blog.

Enjoy the trip x


5 thoughts on “Starting Out

  1. Brilliant, all signed up & raring to go (well….following your adventures from the comfort of my own chair!). Bon voyage, peddle well & ENJOY!! x

  2. Hi Chris/Janyis

    It a really good bloke to read. It is extremely well written and I believe explains life on the road on a bicycle, warts and all. You guys make me want to travel again, Unfortunately I am in volleyball camp in Tenerife on a different adventure now, Myself I now heard about you perhaps be ill take care get better and please keep writing the bloke it a bloody good read, Mark

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