Seville to Rabat

A short update to keep the ball rolling with more pictures to follow.

After a couple of days cycling south of Seville we reached Tarifa and got the ferry to Tangiers. There’s a campsite on the edge of town where we fell asleep to the sound of traffic and dogs barking.

The ride out of Tangiers was easier than expected and we pedalled along the coast to Assilah and then on to Lareche. The terrain is fairly flat round these parts and the ground is either turned over for planting or parched by the sun. Assilah is lively for a small town but much of scenery is uninspiring. Still, it’s a new country so a good time to acclimatise.

We spent the second night in a wood off the main N1, after a nervy ride at rush hour with no hard shoulder. Woke up in the morning to the sound of a car hitting a dog on the N1 and then a second doing the same. Couldn’t be sure but it’s doubtful the dog came out alive.

There’s plenty of fruit and veg to be bought on the roadside – melons, avocado, pomegranate and tomatoes. The bread, olives and dates are cheap and good,  so there’s no hassle being a veggie in Morocco.

The roads are home to a multitude of vehicles – 4x4s through to tractors, trucks through to donkeys. The bicycle’s status seems to be somewhere between a donkey and a moped, although the tandem has gained us a few extra points and priveliges, plus plenty of beeps, shouts and rounds of applause as we’ve passed through villages. You get the feeling in Morocco that you could easily get knocked off the bike, but it would be done with the best of intentions.

In short, so far so good. The sun’s been shining, the bike’s been good and tomorrow we take a minor road down the coast. Looking forward to the quieter roads and some sea views.


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