Riding our luck

Sourcing a new rim in Africa is easy. We found three places in Tarfaya that will sell us one, but each time they have 36 holes and ours has 32. The guy in the bike shop below even had a double walled one made by a company I’ve never heard of. But again, 36 hole.


I’ve Googled the possibility of building a 36 hole rim onto a 32 hole hub, but its not feasible. Plus I’m no wheel builder so even with the correct rim and hub, it’ll take time.

We’ve seen surprisingly OK bikes in Tarfaya, including a couple of GTs (one with Hope skewers(!)) and have even contemplated making an offer on a full machine.

We’ve managed 200km on the existing split rim, with plenty of tensioning and truing along the way. This evening we’ll try and get the bus to Dakhla for the second time – yesterday they had no space for the bike. Moroccans, it seems, don’t travel light. The bus hold included amongst other things, a complete bed.

If we can’t get on the bus then tomorrow we’re back on the bike and riding on a wing and a prayer down to Laayoune, where we’ll hopefully have more luck.


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