Off-roading on a 2×2


Riding a Hase Pino tandem is a fine way to travel, most of the time. But the times have changed. Since leaving Tiznit and coming south, the rules of the road seem to have shifted. Narrow roads,combined with wide trucks and buses have relegated the Pino to the same status as a hedgehog. The rule is, get off the road as fast as you can.

Getting off the road means dropping onto a hard shoulder made of rubble and ruts. This in turn has put more strain on us and the bike. Yesterday I discovered we’ve split the rear rim in various places either side of the spoke eyelets. Hairline cracks at the moment, but they’ll probably get worse. I’m thinking of swapping our 1.75 Marathon for the 1.95 XR to give us more cushioning whilst hoping we can find a replacement rim sometime soon. A bit of a longshot in the Western Sahara. Any other suggestions welcomed.


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