What can I say? We’re cyclists; we love riding bikes and we love travel. The two things work pretty well together so we tend to combine them. And because we like to travel on the cheap, we tend to camp and cook our own food.

I tried to sum up our attitude to cycle touring a couple of years ago and it probably still holds true now…

You don’t choose your passions – they choose you. And it’s passion that keeps us going through the rain and the headwinds, the cold and the aching limbs. The twilights with no camping in sight, the mountain pass that just won’t arrive, the never ending straight roads and the mad chaos of the capital cities. But when the cold turns to sun, the headwind dies, the campsite arrives and the breathless climb up the mountain leaves you speechless, it all makes sense and there’s no place on Earth you’d rather be.


3 thoughts on “about

  1. Hello Chris and Janyce!
    First of all congrats on your successful trip! I would like to ask how you first got the idea and the motivation? You’ve had experience in riding a bike for long trips no?
    Also, what was the type of job you did while in Gambia? Did you help run the bike shop, or did you have the opportunity to see where the bikes were going, how they were fixed, etc?

    Thank you! And what an inspiration 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment. Our motivation came from the desire to travel by bike. We did a 7000 km tour of Europe 4 years ago. Regarding the work in Gambia, we were involved in refurbishing bikes donated in the UK and shipped over to a charity for resale, which helps the charity (WYCE) achieve its objective of providing education and healthcare in the village of Madina Salam.

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