Valverde de Valdelacasa to Seville


You’re never far from a mountain in Spain. Either on the horizon or beneath your wheels. What looks like a plain is actually just a runway to the next incline. What looks like a pass is actually just a breather before the next climb. Sounds rough, but it’s been good. We picked up a tailwind yesterday as an extra pair of legs and managed a good run despite 1600 metres of climbing and 1700 metres of descent. Camped wild 30km outside Seville and had an easy early morning run into the city.

The ferry to Morocco is no more than 3 day’s ride away which feels good in some ways. In other ways, we’ll be sad to leave Spain. It’s been a great ride, a friendly country and a good experience.


4 thoughts on “Valverde de Valdelacasa to Seville

  1. Enjoying reading your blogs. But, so far to date, there has been a very noticeable absence of any local inhabitants in your photos… would it be in bad taste to enquire what you guys are eating on this trip?! Best regards, Redd

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